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6. Oct 12, 2012 · I have a turkish mauser and thr markings are tc,over a mooncrest with a star under it on the receiver,with asfa,1932 markings. Matching numbers except for bolt. Bolt has a different number. 92x57mm Mauser caliber as new standard to replace the 7. This rifle is a German manufactured Mauser made for the Turkish Government. Bolt and receiver have matching serial numbers. Sound even toned walnut stock with minor dings and compressions, small chip out near the bolt handle. *If you had an Original Model 98K Mauser in 8mm with all the numbers matching, and with the nazi proof markings in Good Used Condition it would be currently valued at $900. 65 caliber to 8mm Mauser. 92x57 k98 Yugo . The 7mm Mauser (7×57) was developed originally in 1892 as a military caliber, primarily for Spain, Mexico, Central America, and half of South American governments. It would have On Sale. Large Lot of Turkish 8mm Mauser Striper clips, all solid. Post subject: Re: C G Haenel Suhl 8MM Mauser. Also in 1896, Germany experimented with Mausers of various calibers. 92x57mm) - 8mm Mauser Yugoslavian M24-52c Mauser K98 style bolt action rifle in 8mm Mauser Excellent Condition WW2 German Kriegsmarine 1939 "42" Code Mauser K98 Rifle in 8mm Mauser w/ Bayonet ** Mitchell's Mauser ** GI#: 101451314 This is a very clean Mitchell's Mauser-reworked 42-code K98 made in 1939 at Mauser Oberndorf with a Kriegsmarine property-marked stock. 5x55 or the American version of the 7x57 would be doable. Fine sniper stock AMMO CAN TURKISH 8mm MAUSER AMMUNITION 94+LBS for auction. -G. 8mm Mauser Turkish original bandolier 7. #33 - Refinishing a 24/47 Mauser #34 - 24/47 Mauser Range Report #35 - Refinished Turkish Mauser #36 - Interesting Firearms - Saiga in 7. Ankara" with the date of conversion as 1938. Forgetting for a moment that new 98’s are available from Mauser today but the saying goes that “there is only one Mauser, all other are copies” having original roll marks ect add a signifiant resale value here in my country, extended slightly to other German arsenal houses (see Lowe, Amberg, Enfurt/Erma) ect. By the 1930s, most all of these original rifles still in Turkish hands were re-barreled and converted to fire the far more common and powerful 8mm Mauser. Like the ones pictured all are in clean looking condition, brass cased construction, loose packed in 150 round quantities, dates vary, most 1940's-1950's. Kale Arsenals in 1945. Nearly Identical to WW2 issue, this is post war and unmarked. If you want a great shooter and a great gun for the money, the Yugo is an awesome gun. The Turkish Mauser can be used to describe many Mauser rifles used by the Ottoman Empire and then the Republic of Turkey. Did you win this item? A full invoice should be emailed to the winner by the auctioneer within a day or two. It is warning me that the diameter (. 00 and the stock and metal was in excellent condition except for the bore which had pitting in it. FA ANKARA 1935". Find your best price for Military surplus 7. 50 (97. Buy Now! $89. Asked in Militaria Where was a German mauser k98 rifle sn 3643e made ? German Mauser svwMB Model 98 Rifle This is a German Mauser svwMB coded Model 98 rifle. Mauser Scope Mount found in: Redfield 1-Piece Scope Mount Scope Base JR ABLA Browning A-Bolt LA, Black, Leupold 2-Piece Quick Release (QR) Base - Mauser FN, Matte Black, Redfield 1-Piece Scope Mount Scope Base JR ABSA Browning A. 8mm Mauser Velosity. You should be able to get between $120 and $150 without working too hard at it. 323" bullet which remains the current diameter to this day. You are bidding on a rare WW1 Vintage Mauser Gew 98 Amberg Rifle Bolt Complete with matching numbers 5747 in very good original condition. The Mosin is a cheap-to-buy rifle. $30 8mm mauser Serial # 31026 About good overall condition exhibiting handling marks consistent with military service. Significantly cheaper the the detachable magazine conversions I have seen. com Search Engine 2020 May 10, 2012 · Still plenty if 8mm ammo, you just have to go commercial. Mauser Seller MajorSideburns Available on Cal Guns Location Sacramento Description. There is no rust and the action works great with little wear. No rust at all on anything, and the bore is ve Wwii German Nazi Mauser Kar 98k 8mm Carbine Made 1942 With CCI Small Rifle Primers, No. 7 Jap and they could be used in  Commentary 55 There is a lot of Turkish surplus 8mm Mauser ammunition on the Shop the best price per round on all of your favorite pistol calibers now!. Numrich Gun Parts Corporation 226 Williams Ln. 24(t). While in Florida past week (vacation) I came across a Turkish Mauser rifle. The 6. 65×53mm Mauser (1889) and 7×57mm Mauser (1892) rifle cartridges. The 7. 92x57mm, as these rifles fired 8 mm Mauser. It is stamped 1938, so it is one of the newer manufactures. 8mm Mauser Follower German 98 k98 98k m98 GEW Turk M38 Turkish 1938 Rifle Part 8mm Mauser Rifle Follower Part Yugo 98 M24 M48 24/47 24/52 Czech VZ24 m98 98/22 8mm Mauser 98 Rifle Follower Spanish La Coruna 1943 FR8 Israeli Karabiner 98k Hi guys, I've got 140 rounds of Turkish 8mm ammo on stripper clips. FA. I have also had a couple of rounds blow up in my face and managed to catch one on camera. The Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks Prairie Hunter Turkish 8MM Mauser 1938 #1 Barrel Channel Stock has been made to be the perfect gun stock for almost any shooter. Jan 12, 2014 · How to distinguish which Turkish Mauser you have. BigDaddyHoffman1911 1,175,568 views. I've shot various years in my Turkish K. Any 8mm Mauser ammo with an “S” features a . 65mm to 7. 62 X 51 #37 - Scoping a K-31 #38 - Refinishing a Sistema . Turkish Mauser M38 questions Ok, so I woke up today and said to myself, "Self, you need to get a new gun today. It is a nice rifle, and to keep it that way, always clean the bore and bolt face with hot water, then clean with regular bore cleaners and oil, after shooting any surplus ammo, as all 8mm Mauser surplus is corrosive and will start the rust process very quickly. 8mm Mauser; 95% blue, 30'' barrel, Assembled at the Ankara K. Lot requires [more like this] *Turkish Mauser Model 1938 Bolt Action Rifle 8mm cal. Gen 2 Swedish Mauser NDT Scout Mount Low-Profile for In 1935 the Turkish Army adopted the 7. 7424 Find great deals on eBay for 8mm mauser and 8mm mauser clips. Imported by Century Arms International and so marked on the barrel muzzle. View all 8mm Mauser ammunition and bulk 8mm Mauser ammo for sale! I agree, that is a Turkish mauser 98 and they were well built rifles. Don’t know how, but the wood looks like near new. this rifle has a smooth action and it bench tests ok. See also the Turkish Models of 1893, 1903, and the so-called "ATF SPORTERIZED TURKISH MAUSER BOLT ACTION RIFLE, 8mm Mauser caliber, 23 1/2" barrel, blued finish, walnut stock, internal box magazine, metal butt plate, Lyman micrometer adjustable rear sight, serial #A9960. 62x54 in diferent Mosin Nagants I have, which rifle groups better with which ammo, etc. Please offer opinions about quality, value and accuracy. This 8mm Mauser by Prvi Partizan is part of the Match line that is created with precision as the focus for both short and long distances. Bore is very good. 984" Diameter) Manufacturer: MAUSER. Made in Serbia, serviceable military condition. 29" barrel. Both stock and metal are in good shape. 92x57mm Mauser Ammo rifle | Cheap Military surplus 7. What is the monetary value of an 8mm 1938 German mauser rifle? value will depend on condition of the rifle. 98 action mismatched numbers. A new receiver legend and crest was added: 'T. 8mm 1-10" 451-306 8x57 Mauser, 8x68S, 8mm Remington Mag 338 1-10" 321-750 338 Winchester Mag, 340 Weatherby Mag, 338-06 358 1-14" 460-483 716-001 35 Remington,35 Whelen,350 Remington Mag,356 Winchester,358 Winchester,358 Norma Mag Jun 02, 2018 · The Turkish Model 1887 rifle was the first of a series of rifles produced for the Turkish Army by Mauser. We specialize in all military surplus weapons from AK-47s, AR-15s, Mausers, CETME, Enfields, UZIs, and much more! We set ourselves apart by supplying unique parts at a good value and standing by our products by offering outstanding customer service. High quality and economical brass cased 8mm Mauser ammo in stock and on sale. Hornady Vintage Match 8mm Mauser Ammunition 20 Rounds BTHP 196 Grains 82298 Hornady Vintage Match 8mm Mauser Ammunition 20 Rou Our Low Price $32. This rifle is a Turkish Mauser 1946 chambered in 8 MM. The 93' Mauser action isn't a good candidate for a 270 win. 45 ACP - Range Report #41 - Tiger Striping a Firearm Pre-threaded short-chambered (PTSC), crowned and polished large ring Mauser barrels. Can I identify the bore diameter by age or mark Yes, sporterized german mauser , would need to look at the whole gun but you may be able to put it back in military configuration for the cost of a stock, handguard, and s few minor parts, which would increase the value . I ended up buying a Turkish model 98 but at as a teenager never allocated the funds to buy an original German. Yugo M48 / M48A, 8MM Mauser Bolt Action Rifles - Surplus Turn In Condition - C & R Eligible. Leather is good quality and dark brown. The Gewehr '88 was based on Ferdinand Mannlicher’s straight-bolt action. 92×57mm Mauser (designated as the 8mm Mauser or 8×57mm and 8 × 57. Turkish Model 88/05/35 long rifle chambered in 8x57 caliber (8mm Mauser). The 8mm Mauser (actually the 7. Finish chambering is required. We offer you the most expansive selection at the best value. 8mm Ammo . 30 in diameter are 8. It offered many advantages over standard sporting rifles, but – typical of German fascination with engineering – contained a zillion parts, was expensive TURKISH GEW 98 MAUSER RIFLERight side of receiver stamped "CAI 8mm - TURKEY". 92x57 Mauser, 7. We yanks actually developed the 30-06 and our own 03 Springfield from this 98 Mauser design and paid the Germans for the rights to do so. Our Sales staff cannot forecast price or availability of Wish List items. (Bayonet sold separately above This rifle for the 7. 8mm Mauser ammo for sale at Ventura Munitions. Check out your favorite brands that you trust and ships immediately! Use our Ballistics Chart to view your 8mm Ammo specifics. Asking $225 obo. Watch. com - 13699976. Some may show age, and corrosion marks. Includes- steel can, chain pull-through, one large bore brush, oiler, spoon. 5x55 cartridge. The bright finished bolt has some oxidation on the bolt handle itself but otherwise it is a hard to find original that is all matching with correct proofed small parts. Original Turkish Rear 8mm Turkish Sights Mauser Front With Barrel - And Turkish Mauser . Kale Turkish Mauser. History At a time of great financial hardship, brothers Wilhelm (1834-1882) and Peter-Paul (1838-1914) Mauser, while still children, followed in their fathers footsteps and began work at the Royal weapons factory in Oberndorf/Neckar, Germany. It is one of the rifles assembled Post-WWII under French supervision that used wartime produced and marked parts. 5" Serial Number: 6697d Condition: Very good. The 1938 standard caliber was 8mm Mauser. 01-09-2009, 01:38 PM #2. Pre-Owned. good to very good 24/47 matching bolt if thats your thing Yugoslavian 24/47 Mauser rifle, Matching bolt, 8mm. 45 ACP - Part 2 #40 - Refinishing a Sistema . 00. Receiver is stamped ATF 1954. As with most Turk Mausers, it has seen ample use but still sound and presentable as a military example of the time. If in issued condition, you could easily double that price, with real german Nov 03, 2011 · Ok, so I have a 1893 Turkish Mauser (re-chambered in 1935 for 8mm) that the furniture is in very poor shape but the action, barrel, bolt, and floorplate are very nice (the floorplate has a few dings/pitting but nothing to complain about for its age). This particular rifle was made in 1945 at the end of the war, but Turkey didn’t get involved in the war so the rifle got little use and that results in it’s great condition. " … read more 22 Jan 2019 Turkey adopted the 8mm Mauser cartridge as part of its modernization after World War One, and with the assistance of German technicians  4 Jun 2012 D-Bone took a moment to show us the good ol' "Eight". The Turkish Mauser is gaining popularity with collectors, and remains one of the best values on the market today. Barrel, 8 x 57, Small Ring-29-1/8" Long, Military, Stepped, Blued w/Sight Bases. 92x57 caliber. A good value strap and excellent quality! Easy to fit. Similar to other rifle lines from Mauser, the M18 delivers state-of-the-art technology that will inspire confidence on the hunt. 308, making it an excellent choice for bringing down everything from deer to elk. " So I grabbed a cup of coffee and set out to the local 2nd Ammendment fitness centers to exercise my rights. Jul 14, 2017 · Mauser acquired the production rights to the Gehmann design and began production. Kale is in very good shape Price Realized, 210. All are in Good functional condition. 243 cal. 318 to . It used to be super cheap (under 5c/round), but in the last few years I have seen it selling for more like 30c/round. This model together with minor modifications of the later 1898 pattern issued in 1903 and 1905 are all in official Turkish use, as are Kar. Jul 17, 2013 · I noticed that with all the Yugo rounds that I've fired, most of them either wouldn't fire, or would "hang-fire" so definitely expect that out of the 8mm rounds. The 12 Gauge Pump Shotgun - Beginners Guide To Operating & Shooting This All-Purpose Firearm - Duration: 16:43. Kale is in very good shape. This Yugoslavian surplus 8mm Mauser ammunition is a great find of a dwindling supply of quality surplus ammo. Rebarreled by the Turkish Army to 8mm Mauser calibre and restamped at Ankara Arsenal in Turkey. J U M S 8 P 7 F O R N S M O S 7 R E H D. 8mm Mauser ammo for sale at Combat veterans Surplus. Bright shiny bore, strong sharp Egyptian Hakim Semi-Auto Rifle , 8mm Mauser Caliber W / 10 Round Detachable Box Magazine - Surplus Turn In Condition - C & R EligibleFor years this unique Semi-Auto 8MM rifle was considered the pride of the Egyptian military and the middle eastern equivalent of our M1A or M14 rifle. 38 Spl - Excellent condition - Second Issue - revolver - 2" rnd, full lug barrel - checkered walnut grip with silver Colt medallion; both grips remain in Excellent condition with very little visible wear - nickel - retains bright mirror like luster balance to frosty finish on front and back strap - Markings: crisp & legible - Sights: fixed - double action - alloy frame I have a 1934 Turkish 8mm Mauser in good shape. 65 x 53 to 8MM But their value is still as Turkish 1903 Mauser 8mm Mauser Parts Kit. 65×53mm Mauser; The Mauser Model 1893 rifle, chambered in 7. Stock origin is unknown. Metal finish: 33% thinning bluing. $29. The M48 is a little shorter in overall length in the barrel and the overall length of the rifle in comparison to the original German 98k it The Yugo M24/47 Mauser Rifle is a Mauser pattern bolt-action originally produced for use by the former Yugoslavian military. However, the M1935 designation is also applied more broadly to a bewildering variety of similarly-dimensioned bayonets cobbled together using recycled parts from older bayonets. BCD Code Gustloff-Werke K98 Mauser 8mm (R27469) $3,520. Given the crudeness of machine work you note, it is also possible that your rifle is a middle eastern copy, that ended up in a Turkish arsenal somehow. By installing this trench magazine into your Mauser 98 you will be able to increase your rifles capacity to 25rds of 8mm. Vintage Mauser Sr 98 Custom Barrel 7mm Rem Mag Nib. What model Mauser and where was it made and what markings? Do all numbers match? Is it a carbine, like the Kar 98K or full size like the Gew 98? I paid $150 for a 1934 Turkish Mauser in very good condition. All barrels are hand lapped, button rifled and air gauged. I think it was bought from SOG a few years ago. Model: 1903 TURKISH, 1893 TURKISH RIFLE. Payment Details : See Payment Instructions and item description, or 20 round box of 8mm Mauser FMJ 198 grain Prvi Partizan Ammo for sale. 92×57mm Mauser (designated as the 8mm Mauser or 8×57mm by the SAAMI and 8 × 57 IS by the C. Mauser 98's are about the same. FFL required for transfer. Turkish Mausers are small ring Mausers. Made in 1891 so this is an antique, no FFL/transfer needed. 30-30 and the . 00 Dollars Minimum. 92 X57 mm, 5 Round Capacity. Rebarreled by the Turkish Army to 7. So, you have a decent military surplus rifle, that can give you lots of fun shooting! May 07, 2009 · Nobody expects a 1938 Turkish Mauser to be a match rifle, and the Grand Old Turk is no exception to that. Available - Excellent condition Turkish Mauser (1948) in the classic 8mm Mauser cartridge (8X57) very good bore and rifling in this one, non matching but a really great example of (read more) Gun #: 921579491 A Turkish Mauser ©Paul M. Jan 07, 2017 · I remember an article that Fortier did on the K98 vs the Mosin. Caliber / Gauge: 8mm Barrel Length: 29. Working with his brother Wilhelm Mauser (1834-1882), he developed a needle gun that was adopted by the German Army in 1871. Data Turkish M1938 Mauser Rifle. If you are looking for ammunition for your surplus 8mm Turkish Mauser or German Mauser K98, you are looking for 8x57mm JS. 56 and . You can find sporterized 8mm Mausers within any price range from $75 to well and by Mauser for Turkey in 7. Basically, the rifle was used properly and taken care of decently. Value on Turkish Mauser I have a 1939 Turkish Mauser just checking to see the value now. 65x53mm caliber. ( to distinguish it from a M1903/30, a M1893/33, and M88/05/35, a M98/37 Short Rifle, and M98/38 Short rifle, and M98/37 Long Rifle, a Kirikkale Short Rifle My turkish mauser had a good stock but the front sight was crooked on the barrel. It would have been nice if QD stud mounts would have been included as the ones I had are too small to be a press fit in the molded in recesses. $8. This offering is for 150 rounds of our Turkish Military 8mm Mauser Ammunition. Oberndorf A/N 1918. 00: In Stock 15545490: Mauser Single Shell dnf S* 1 44 January 1944 8mm 7. Fits Large ring Mausers including 1909 Argentine, 1908 Brazilian, Browning Fn, Centurion Fn, 1910 Husqvarna, Magnum Fn, Musketeer, Parker Hale 1200, 98 Persian, 1909 & 1935 Peruvian, Santa Barbara, Sako, 1903 Turkish, and 1938 Turkish 8mm. 4 ammo cans / 94+lbs of Turkish 8mm Mauser ammunition. 29), look for a "K29" stamped on the left side. (Bayonet sold separately above Turkish mauser I just picked up a new one for my collection a Turkish model 1938 but I’m having trouble finding out if it’s safe to put ppu 8mm 198 grain rounds through it because I don’t want to damage the rifle Original WWII-era Military Dual Ammo Pouch for Mauser 8mm Ammo, holds 6 stripper clips, three in each pouch. Even so, this remains a distinguishing feature of the few authentic 1893 Ottoman Mauser rifles–the ones still chambered in 7. 29'' barrel S/N 857. 25" barrel. 5 Round, Bolt Action - Highly Collectible and should make great shooters. 9x57mm Nazi German Bronze Tip - 8mm Mauser BuyItNow!-0 $5. Each nation has it's own loads, and the sights are regulated for that particular load. Save 8mm mauser bullets to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. This video explains the aesthetic differences in the model 1903, and model 1938 rifles, so you know exactly what you are looking at, or what you up for grabs we have a used 1942 k. I am planning to put it in a Turkish 38 stock that I got cheap. ID & Value Expert: Joined: Sat Mar 06, 2004 3:16 pm Posts: 10510 Pictures to help you ID Cartridges. Mauser worked in an arms plant prior to entering the German Army in 1859. Auction: 10680963 LSB#: 111019LG02 Make: K. 980 in. 8mm chambering, a bit of pitting in the bore, rifling looked sharp, and bore looked straight. 65mm (or . Turkish mauser I just picked up a new one for my collection a Turkish model 1938 but I’m having trouble finding out if it’s safe to put ppu 8mm 198 grain rounds through it because I don’t want to damage the rifle Original WWII-era Military Dual Ammo Pouch for Mauser 8mm Ammo, holds 6 stripper clips, three in each pouch. Approximately 30. In a year after i have bought my 5. Choose the lowest price from our multiple warehouses. 62x54R. It is my second most accurate Military bolt rifle behind my 03A3 and very fun to shoot. At my gun club, I placed a series of targets on the 100-yard backstop. Metal has thinning original blue that is a light gray with some parts being a silver/gray patina. 318" diameter projectile; this was later changed to a . Ideal for K98 Mauser like K98k, M24/47, M48. Most of the Turkish Mausers now on sale for $40-50 are a version of the Model 98, made in Turkey in the early 40's. Go to previous image Go to next image. Discreetly imported marked on right side of barrel. If you are looking for ammunition for your surplus 8mm Turkish Mauser or German Mauser K98  Mauser Rifles Turkish for sale and auction. Sold for: $260. Invaluable is the world's largest marketplace for art, antiques, and collectibles. As your gun sits now it's worth about 150-200. Bolt number is not matching. 7:07. 65×53mm and later in 7. Determine whether your rifle is a Gewehr 98k or Karabiner 98k if your rifle fires 7. Comes with a bike trailer frame (was gonna build a trailer for hunting). Gun is functional and accurate. Turkish is primo stuff and is no longer found anymore, at decent prices that is. * I have an Original like I described. Like its Belgian and Turkish predecessors, the Argentine 1891 uses a bolt with front-locking lugs, the distinctive Mauser “wing”-type safety selector, a one-piece wooden stock, and a wood Sep 07, 2017 · My 7,92X57 Mausers like S&B 196 grain soft-points. According to Olson, 200,000 of these were made by Mauser in Oberndorf between 1903 and 1905. The bolt matches to the rifle. Find 8mm Mauser bolt-action rifles from a variety of manufacturers. This would give your rifle a bit more collector value. The Mauser Model 66 featured a very short action, quick interchangeability of barrels and calibers. KALE 8mm Mauser (7. 323 caliber bullet. 92x57mm Mauser) Bullet Style: 197. [/img][/url] [/img] Also have a Mongoose Malus fat tire bike. (Antique) Excellent condition! This Commission Rifle was made in Germany by Amberg in Germany. Shop with confidence. The Mauser Model 1871 was the Mauser brothers' first rifle and their first rifle to be adopted by an army. SGAmmo. 00 Dollars Minimum in Good Used Condition. They are chambered, crowned and finished. 243, 6. 400, Box of 1,000 [0013] Gewehr 98 - Gagne's Guns Dec 19, 2019 · Turkish Mauser, 8mm, M1938 for auction. Here is my problem, I recently purchased some ammo from sellier and bellot 196 gr 8x57js. Hope you enjoyed the video and as always  27 Jun 2011 SUPPORT US BY PURCHASING A MAN CAN: https://iraqveteran8888. 00 First off I know very little about Non US Rifles. this mauser has a good shootable bore that is dark with good rifling. 27 Reviews. Of course the German won but it also had the better quality scope. com Search Engine 2020 8mm Mauser - 196 gr SP - Prvi Partizan - 20 Rounds. This ammo is loaded with M-49 196 grain full metal jacket projectiles seated on top of berdan-primed brass that is non-reloadable. I bought it ($100, a memento of a very enjoyable trip). Gewehr 1888 ‘Commission Rifle’ German Troops in their 'Schützengraben’ or trench. Matching serial numbers, 2207, on all visible parts. I figured German / Czech Model 98 Mauser, 8mm, 5 Round Bolt Action, NRA Surplus Good - Rare 1945 Dated Post War Mauser C & R Eligible MSRP: $999. or Best Offer +$4. Caliber: 8mm Mauser (7. Buy online, view images and see past prices for Ankara K Kale Turkish Mauser Rifle - 8mm Cal. Re: Value of an 8mm Mauser sounds like you have a WW1 mauser, which, if in original condition, is worth 2-3X what a 2nd war original gun is worth, in general. It would shoot jacketed just fine and lead was accurate but it would lead a bit. Albns VT m-1938 mauser German 8mm. 0 (14) mauser k-98 archangel precision stock. 8mm Rifle - Burley Auction Group. Oct 16, 2015 · I have a 1924 Serbian Mauser and wish to buy the following parts and accessories: bayonet and scabbard, ram/cleaning rod, ammo bandoleer, 50 or 60 rounds of 8mm ammo in clips. 308 i wouldnt mind a nice k98 or a like new fancy mauser. 92x57mm (8mm Mauser) Turkish made or converted Gew. . Imported by CAI. Turks really don't have a devoted following in the US, so $200 should get a far better example than that. WWII 1944 K. Mar 20, 2011 · I am the proud owner of both a Czech VZ. A 1945 Turkish K. These rifles were the famed standard-issue rifles of the German army through the first and second World Wars; should the rifle have a two- or three-alphanumeric code on the top of the receiver, the rifle is most likely a Gewehr 98k or Karabiner 98k. 92mm (this is often called an 03/38), the receiver was slightly notched to easily allow loading of the Feb 13, 2012 · As with all 1930s 7,9mm Turkish rifles, generalised nomenclature of "Tufiki M938" by the Turkish Army ( 1942 Manual description), but in collector's circles, simply called a Kirikkale Turk. Firing Pin Takedown Disc, Small (. The metal finish has WTS - K98 "MMC" Mauser 8mm, Japanese Front Pouch, Sun Helmet & Barreled Action: 12/16 06:12: The Outdoors Trader: FS 1944 Mauser k98 8mm: $3: 12/14 16:16: Armslist TURKISH M1938 8MM MAUSER RIFLE DATED 1943. This ammo is brass cased Berdan primed ammunition. 1918 WWI Turkish Mauser Oberndorf Gewehr 98 8mm rifle. A friend brought one around today and asked if I might get some info. Ankara Arsenal 1939 conversion from the original 7. Picked it up today for what I'd consider a song (hopefully) but was hoping Reddit would tell me more info / a more accurate value. Alvarez 2003. Kale Bolt Action Rifle in 8MM Turkish Mauser Model 1938 K. The grand daddy of modern cartridges, the 8mm Mauser pushed a heavier, larger diameter bullet at higher velocities than the 7mm Mauser used in the 1893 designed action. 92 x 57 (8mm Mauser) calibre and restamped in 1935 at Ankara Arsenal in Turkey. Caliber / Gauge: 8mm Condition: Very good. Military-New condition with clean, Bright Bores, and solid stocks, with an American Owner’s Manual covering history, operation, and safety. This rifle is marked on the receiver "T. SERIAL #: 97842 (Non matching bolt and floor plate) DESIGN: Turkish made Mauser bolt action with internal magazine. Nice walnut stock, the bluing is mostly worn to bare metal with aged patina on most parts. The cartridge and headstamp guide available through this website contains more than 2500 cartridge pictures and measurements. Metal is excellent with approximately 98% blue. Chambered in an 8x57mm IS cartridge that closely mirrors the ballistics of the . 62x54 and Czech silver tip 7. May 27, 2016 · There is a lot of Turkish surplus 8mm Mauser ammunition on the market here in the US. Use only US Commercial so-called "8mm Mauser" ammo (it is under-loaded, and has a . The rear sight is a elevation adjustable ladder style. Huge ONLINE ONLY GUN AUCTION 150 PLUS GUNS!! Modern to HIGHLY COLLECTIBLE PRE-CivIl War Weapons- Gun Safes & More! Photos Being added Daily! Inspections and Shipping Available! NO SALES TAX Lots are Online with More Items being added! Turkish Mauser Rifle Oil Funnel C - for 1893 Mauser. Turkiye Cumhuriyeti, ASkari FAbrika, Ankara (Republic of Turkey, Military Factory). I bought one several year ago, (1994) for $59. It’s a 7 speed. Dec 15, 2016 · 8mm Mauser - What's it worth? You have a Turkish Mauser. When these were converted from their original 7. Not all serial numbers match. Kale Model: M38 Caliber: 8mm Mauser (8x57) Location: Sacramento Price: $250 Will ship (Y/N): Yes Other info: Turkish M38 Mauser in 8mm Mauser caliber. Product #: 1278080. I checked the headspace when I first bought it a couple of years ago and it passed on a field gauge. Jan 12, 2016 · I have a Mauser rifle that I inherited from my father's estate. Nazi 8mm Mauser. for target shooting purposes. 95: BP-01: Bayonet Plaque, Solid American Walnut with descriptive Plate, with provision for bayonet display. It is a very nice looking piece of wood with good figure and a fair bit of tiger striping. Rear sight was also changed to Mauser ® 98K style. 00: Out-Of-Stock 15545491 Up for sale or trade is an old Turkish 8mm, I don't know a whole lot about the gun other then it does work. Most Turk is loaded with a flake type powder and is often loaded very hot. Mauser's first successful design was a single-shot, 11mm, bolt-action rifle that became the forerunner of many improved designs. 99 Turkish Mauser Rifle Caliber 8m/m Pre WWII Turkey was one of Mauser's best customers through the early decades of the 20th Century. C & R Eligible . I guess I got the bug while looking at a Turk at the LGS. BCD Code Gustloff-Werke K98 Mauser 8mm caliber rifle. Re: Value of an 8mm Mauser I picked up a K98 for $230 and a Yugo 24/47 for around $160. 5x60mm; The Mauser Model 1890 rifle and carbine, chambered in 7. The Mauser is a more refined rifle. It could shoot high or low with other ammo, though all 8mm Mauser ammo will work okay. 99 | Regular Price: $699. 65x53mm caliber but were later rechambered to 7. 301-inch) Turkish cartridge was minus the jacket tube of the Belgian model. (138-2)-324 Lately, I've had a desire to add a Turkish made Mauser to my collection. 92 Mauser, but every calls it the 8mm) was developed by a government board. Stamped on receiver is the Turkish crest "AS. 270 wsm Stainless Fluted Long Barrel, 6x24x50 NcStar Scope, custom trigger and hardwood stock with Stainless swivels. k98 with nazi marking for $229 K-98 German Nazi Mauser, WWII rifle, 8mm. Apr 13, 2006 · Diferences in Hungarian yellow tip 7. It is a decent rifle with cosmetic issues. 5 reviews Reviews. 00 USD. Jun 27, 2011 · 8mm Turkish Mauser - Duration: 7:07. Stock is beat up but complete and original, and I would call this one in fair condition. Some days i'll take 3 diferent Mauser type rifles (K98, M48, Turk, etc. There are videos online if you need help. 5 swedish, etc. Not real sure on value so I'm open to offers whether it be cash or trades for other guns or even hobby grade RC Peter Mauser designed the 7. I don't know what the model is or the value. Dirty bore with strong rifling present. Browse our selection of Mauser C96 Broomhandle pistols, M1910's, Mauser M1934, Mauser HSc and more! These 8mm rifles are excellent little shooters that are well made and offer a unique opportunity to the shooter and collector to purchase a Like New variant of the very dependable and well made Mauser 98k. Neither of you would be sorely used at a $300 price. Mauser 98 Magazine Spring (SPART1017) Turkish M98 Cleaning Rod (SPART1457) $49 00. This bolt will work in any standard length mauser 98 action but it is correct in a WW1 I used this with a Turkish 8mm Mauser and very minor fitting was needed. Rifle is Turkish Mauser . I have only fired about 300 rounds through it, the first 30 rounds was the hot Turkish stuff, maybe that did it in. 62 NATO/. Mar 05, 2018 · Back in World War II, the 8mm Mauser rifle was a staple for German soldiers, but now may be a useful tool for you to use. I did a little research and found a few tidbits of info. Jan 22, 2019 · Turkey adopted the 8mm Mauser cartridge as part of its modernization after World War One, and with the assistance of German technicians developed a copy of the German 8mm S cartridge. Bike is basically brand new. I've had this stuff for a few years and I'd like to sell it but I don't have a clue on price and how to ship them. more info Quick view Add to Cart. Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2009 5:38 pm . I was just given a mauser rifle and was told it was a Turkish 8mm. This example is of new manufacture. Sportsman's Guide has a nice selection of 8mm Mauser Ammo at the best prices around! 8mm Mauser is great for all kinds of shooters. 98. 29 (Kbk wz. Rifle is in excellent shape, bore is bright and clean. Bore is frosted from service with corrosive ammo. That said… after a few years shooting it in the match, it gets respect now and has nothing left to prove. Finally, as to the rate of twist of the rifling, virtually all old military Mauser 98-type rifles, in 8 x 57, were rifled at one turn in 240 mm (which is 1 in 9. The rifle is in good used condition with wear, has K. 6 Nov 2018 Turkish Mauser 1938 K. There is just way to much variation. 323. Its bolt features a non-rotating claw extractor and a spring-loaded blade-type ejector. The front sight is a draft adjustable blade. timney (in stock) 3. Make: Turkish K. In good used condition and assembled/rebuilt at the Turkish Ankara Arsenals in 1939. Its design echoed that of the German Gewehr 71/84 service rifle, being a bolt-action Stamped on receiver is Turkish crest / AS. I have a 38 Turkish 8mm Mauser. Excellent! 8x57JS Mauser, 7. They are in general excellent quality firearms produced with superior craftsmanship and materials. 00 (0) turkish model 1938 38 mauser 8mm mauser barrel w front & rear sight nice bore. I. These were based on the popular German Mauser Model of 1887 which, for Europe, had run its course due to the arrival of smokeless powder ammunition. 65x53mm with a magazine cut off device as the  Results 1 - 48 of 2540 WW 1 Ottoman Empire (Turkish) Mauser muzzle protector. The quality is varied from poor to reasonably acceptable and accuracy falls into the same range of categories. Lot 4: Colt - Cobra - . 65mm M1903 rifles were converted to the new 7. P. 99. 92x57mm Mauser Ammo | Cheap 7. Huge value for money Mauser Model 18 with detachable magazine, 1940 S BOLT ACTION MAUSER 8MM INTERESTING OLD GUN 1948 model m48. Right side of barrel between barrel band and muzzle is stamped _ _ _ St. C. 0 (6) buehler-style low safety. 7. 620. The men are posed with their Gewehr Model 1888 Commission Rifles, judging by their forage caps and 'Pickelhaube’ helmets the photo was taken c. 45 ACP - Part 1 #39 - Refinishing a Sistema . KALEE 1945 Serial # is 203591 on the receiver, bolt, floor plate and rear sight The 1903 is a large ring, 1898 style, Mauser, but with a 1893 style small shank barrel. 50 in length, Straight side walled receiver with screw spacing of 7. Manufacturer: MAUSER. Their Armies (soldiers) utilized it extensively. 95x57mm (8mm Mauser). Model 90 Turkish Mauser. Standard issue for Turkish troops in WWI, serial number 8160, converted to 8mm Mauser, these conversions were done in the 1930s at a few locations, including the Ankara arsenal. 98-type Mauser. Unfortunately, the stock had been sanded and refinished, the bore was only fair to good, and they wanted $200. and should be used with calibers which have a maximum of around 46,000 cup. The 7. 1942 Turkish Mauser M38 8mm 30", Knife Bayonet. ) and shoot 8mm Romanian through all of them just to see what rifle it works best in. 92 x 57 mm (8mm) Mauser caliber. Can you help identi … read more This Mauser Gewehr 98 Trench Magazine is an authentic reproduction of the original from World War I. Internal staggered box magazine, 5 rounds, 7. This really bums me out. Edit; You may have a M1893 or M1903 conversion from 7. turkish model 1938 38 mauser 8mm mauser barrel w front & rear sight nice bore Matching numbers increase the value a lot. Turkish rebarrel jobs (marked "7,91" on the barrel, usually underneath) will use . I have a Model 98 8mm mauser that was passed down to me from my dad. Kingston, NY 12401 Phone: 866. It has a stamp on it that says T8057 and an engraved number of W249373. It is a little stiff but think it will wear in nicely. Caliber / Gauge: 8mmBarrel Length: 29"Serial Number: 5227 Very interesting Ottoman Empire rifle used during the Great War. Now, I didn't really need another beat up, military surplus, 8mm Mauser rifle, but the price was hard to pass up and they allegedly had German actions. CZ-USA CZ 612 Target Pump 12 GA 32 3 Turkish Walnut Stock Steel $ 509. The Mauser 98 is a manually operated bolt-action rifle fed from an internal, staggered column magazine. Special Price: $399. * Original Turkish Mauser M1938 Parts in Used Condition. I have a 98 Mauser action (full length, not an intermediate length like a yugo) that I am trying to decide what barrel to put on it. SN: 3003. Turkish Mauser in 8mm Mauser, 1938 Manufacture, Excellent Condition You are looking at a Turkish Model 98 Mauser in Very Good condition. Looks great and the feeding is fine. 92x57mm Mauser Ammunition rifle - AmmoSeek. Regular Price: $499. The problem herein lies; IF you put a bunch of money and time into a 93 actioned rifle it won't be worth much more than it was when you first got it. 323 ) may not be usable in all 8mm mausers. 9mm, 8x57IS Mauser. Mismatched serial number on lower tang. Jul 09, 2009 · Mauser Model 1896 “Broomhandle Mauser Pistol” Mauser System Mauser 10-Shot Core Hammer Mauser Six-Shot Standard Cone Hammer Mauser Twenty-Shot Cone Hammer Mauser Standard Cone Hammer Mauser Fixed Sight Cone Hammer Mauser Turkish Contract Cone Hammer Mauser Early Transitional Large Ring Hammer Mauser Model 1899 Flat Side – Italian Contract Mar 08, 2015 · Just three that I’m aware of: the Turkish Mauser, its kissing cousin M24/M48 from Yugoslavia patterned on the K98 (price depends on a number of variables), and the ubiquitous Mosin Nagant. Mar 06, 2013 · * It has no Collector Value, but it is still Valued at $350. Turkish Mausers are such an amalgam of differnt manufacturers and very hard use that it is very difficult to be dogmatic about ANY Turksih rifle. com Upgrade for an old warhorse! The Turkish "brass" opted to have these pre-1898 Rifles updated in the 1930s. Contact Us. pro Mauser “Custom” . This gun in is mint condition and very accurate. The top of the receiver has a Star over a crescent and the date 1945. APEX Gun Parts is your source for hard to find gun parts, parts kits, and accessories. Whether you are located in North America or Europe, the 8mm Mauser is a great tool for many things including the practical (and fun) purpose of hunting. Small ring have a threaded shank diameter of . Hand Select Available for Best Of 10. So a fair value, sight unseen, would be in the $350-to-$400. $14. 00 to b****0 "Tax, Shipping & Handling and Internet Premium not included. They were advertising a sale on Turkish Mausers for $49. The German Empire adopted the Mauser and called it the Gewehr 71, or the Infanterie-Gewehr 71. I had quite a time straightening it out but it shoots fantastic. Maybe that was the was the article your referring to. Just shoot the ammo. A lot of the rifles were ether Russian or German capture. **WW1** German Gewehr 1898 Sniper Rifle 8mm Mauser **Very Rare** This rifle is a Turkish Mauser 1946 chambered in 8 MM. I had a yen for a 6. "Collectors pieces" are very hard to price without details or even pictures. 1893 Mauser Handguard Spanish Rifle Used. 323 Bullets, but why bother. It was born as a German 1888 Commission Rifle that later went through the 1905 conversion to the 8x57 round. Turkish Mauser with M1935 Bayonet 8MM for auction. Any help would be The 7. Bolt Action, 7. If it is a Polish Mauser with a date of 1934 it could be actually a Polish made model called the Karabinek wz. The Mauser Model 1887 rifle, chambered in 9. I've shot it up to 500 yds with good success. Turkish ammo so far, has been the only reliable ammo that I've fired from the 8mm mausers. The cartridge was originally designed with a . FA / ANKARA / 1939; various Turkish and importer markings scattered over the rifle. Legend: 'T. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Factory Mauser 98 1903 Turkish 5 Rnd 8mm Brass Stripper Clip at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Turkish Mauser M38 Rifle. 92×57mm Mauser cartridge was adopted by the German Empire in 1903–1905, and was the German service cartridge in both World Wars. 1890`S Mauser M180308 Mauser M18 Bolt 7. com | Bulk 8mm Mauser Ammo For Sale | Buy 8mm Mauser Ammo Online | Surplus 8mm Ammo For Sale | The 7. It comes with a 3-9x32mm scope. NR4816 Turkish Model 1903 Mauser 7. 1918 WWI TURKISH MAUSER GEWEHR 98 8mm RIFLE for auction. £40. Action was very smooth. Sell your Mauser Rifles Turkish for FREE today! 13 Image(s). Includes rear sight Base MISC-307: M38 Turkish 8mm Mauser Front Barrel Band with Bayo Lug. ) is a rimless bottlenecked rifle cartridge. For test-firing, Mitchell’s sent along a supply of their 8mm Mauser ammunition loaded with 196-grain, boat-tail spitzer bullets. Dark bore, strong Up for sale is a Model 1938 K. Gun Turkish Mauser 1938 Bolt Action Rifle in 8MM for auction. 5¢ per round) Qty: Add To Cart. Right now, until it disappears (and it will), surplus ammunition for the Mosin is relatively cheap. View Item in Catalog Lot #92 . Shortly thereafter, the Ottoman Turkish Empire adopted an almost identical derivative for its military and they even went with the same caliber. In addition to being chambered in Mauser bolt action rifles, the 7mm Mauser was even chambered in machine guns. Factory SKU number: PP8F. 303 Ammo is still fairly available, and the Turkish ammo would be best for it. Kale Mauser Model: M38/1946 Serial Number: 233331 Y Item:10680963 K. Reloadable brass case, non-corrosive, FMJ projectile, 10 boxes per case 33 40 german mauser 8mm rifle, bolt mauser 33 40 carbin, dot 33-40 rifle, german 33 40 rifle values, mauser 33, mauser 33 40 value, mauser dot 1941, turkish mauser scout rifle, worth of a mauser 33 rifle Turkish Mauser Question. Then sometime between about 1916 and 1918 the Germans sold many of them to Turks who then modified them further in the 1930's and early 1940's with the final In 1905, the German Military increased the bullet diameter from . I saw the ad that Big 5 sporting goods recently ran in the newspaper and said "Wow!". In 1890, Turkish authorities ordered stocks of Mauser-based bolt-action rifles as the "Rifle Model 1890" ("Turkish Mauser") which eventually numbered some 280,000 in all. Originally chambered in 7. Mar 26, 2011 · You can use the turkish mauser reciever, but as stated they are of the small ring and you have to stay with the lower pressure cartridges, such as the . Beautiful Pre-War Mauser Oberndorf Rifle Type B 8mm Mauser 1912-1913 GI#: 101456462 This is a scarce, early pre-war Mauser Oberndorf Type B sporting rifle, made in 1912-1913, and chambered in very desirable 8 mm Mauser caliber (this is an older 8,0 N chambering for . Mauser Single Shell dnf S* 2 44 February 1944 8mm 7. 89 QuickView Gewehr 88 (Model 1888 Commission Rifle) Turkish. During 1935-40 about 45,000 7. It is chambered for the 8x57mm Mauser round. 20 Jan 2019 The typical advertised price on one of these bolt-action rifles is somewhere in the Turkish 8mm Mauser: Venerable, Cheap, Easily Modifiable. The wood is in very good condition with a few minor nicks and oil stains, much better than average. Turkish Mauser 1938 K. 99 shipping. In fact my last custom mauser I built just last fall was with a turkish mauser and I built it into a custom . As for me, I get pleasure competing against $1000 Garands and Springfields while shooting a lowly $100 Turkish Mauser. Most of the surplus Turkish 8mm ammunition available in th eUNited States at this time is 1940s production, with this sample being dated 1941. Asking I actually used it on a Diana Mauser K98 air rifle and it fitted perfectly. 321 or Cast lead bullets with reduced loads. This means that they are perfect raw material for the amateur gunsmith or tinkerer. Mauser 1938 TURKISH 8MM C&R ELIGIBLE 8mm Mauser For Sale at GunAuction. A genuine Mauser 98, the Model M48 is a strong, good example the original bolt-action Rifles. Would anybody know a general value of this gun? Mauser Prefit frikinelmo 2019-01-02T18:23:28+00:00 The Mauser pre-fit barrels are made for the Mauser 48, 96 & 98 actions. Hello, I have a 1937 Mauser in decent shape. 5x55 on a mauser action. 1941 Turkish M-1938 ANKARA/K. The Mauser's 8mm Ammunition is made by more US ammo companies than the Mosin's 7. C ASFA ANKARA' with Crescent Moon crest, 1936 Ankara Arsenal rebuild date. AS. With the French introduction of smokeless powder for their Lebel Rifles in Prvi Partizan Match 8mm Mauser 200 Grain Full Metal Jacket ammo review offers the following information; Prvi Partizan Match 8mm Mauser features 200 Grain Full Metal Jacket bullets. ProMag Archangel Springfield Armory M1A Precision Stock. Asfa Ankara 1938 Turkish Mauser, 8mm Rifle for auction. The original 1903 rifle was chambered in the 7. Budget-conscious hunters will enjoy the reliable performance at this reasonable price point. fitted barrels for large ring mauser 98. One other variant of the 8mm Mauser is the 8x57 JRS. 5gr Full Metal Jacket (Bi-Metal) Turns out the action and barrel is from a Spanish M-43 in 8mm mauser. These cartridges were chambered in military Mauser service rifles and were high-performance service cartridge designs compared to other contemporary smokeless powder service cartridges such as the 8mm Lebel (1886), 8×50mmR Mannlicher (1890) and . I'm no Mauser expert, but it looks as tho you have a WWII era rifle, the Krauts used a code to identify which factory made it, (I believe Mauser was "byf") You should also see a "Waffenampt" stamp, which is an eagle over a Swastika, that was the acceptance stamp for issue to the armed forces. Made on German Tooling set up in formerly occupied Serbia. Value may be as low as $100, or as high as several hundred. 92x57 Mauser Stripper Clip. Kale Mauser with zero problems. 92x57mm Mauser Ammunition - AmmoSeek. The Mauser's trigger is USUALLY better than the three-mile Mosin's pull. we need a picture (several) to see how it is equipped and if it is still original. Notes: Will Not Fit Turkish Mauser 98 Receivers Sweden adopted a Mauser carbine in 1894 and a Mauser rifle in 1896, both chambered for the 6. 45"). 65 Mauser ® caliber, the firearms were rechambered to accept an 8 mm Mauser ® cartridge and restocked to Mauser ® 98K style. It doesn't look like an amazing rifle but this old gun is solid and packs a punch, and he  7 Jun 2015 BigDaddyHoffman1911 and friends shoot what might be the most blinged out Mauser on the planet. Results 97 - 144 of 173 The first rifle I ever bought for myself was an old beat up 8mm Turkish Mauser. It is stored on 5 round stripper clips in a 70 round bandoleer. Grade: Excellent - Value: 16 to 50. The going freight for mil-sur 8mm is about 150/$50 (3/$1), so the ammo's street value is $250. These rifles are (at this time) plentiful and cheap, and as of yet have no historical value. 5x55 Swedish Mauser. Hence this post. 8mm Mauser Ammo (323 Dia) 7. 1914-15. Value for money alone is reason enough to buy a Turk, especially for those on a budget. This ammo is in what looks like cotton fabric bandoleers. Then, the following year, Argentina adopted a slightly modified version of the Belgian 1889 as Mauser Modelo Argentino 1891, also known as the 1891 Argentine Mauser. Kale Turkish Mauser 1946 (Mod 38), 8mm Bolt Action Rifle, C&R OK For Sale at GunAuction. 318 diameter Click for more info Find your best price for 7. 92×51mm Mauser TURKISH MAUSER IN 8MM CALIBER Description: Turkish Mauser with 29 inch barrel that has a bright shiny bore with deep rifling. 92×57mm Mauser (designated as the  2 Sep 2012 Nothing wrong with a Turkish Mauser in good shape - the Turks were one of Mauser's best customers I've had two Turkish Mausers put lots of 8mm surplus through both. The stock has seen better days but is in tact. shilen (in stock) - 4. Some very accurate 8mm Mauser loads can be had at only about 2000 fps, with a 196 grain bullet. Product #: 1175780 This is the final Turkish bayonet type designed for use with Mauser rifles. The average 8mm Mauser load is perhaps 2200 fps, which is about 500 fps below the 8mm’s potential. Amberg GEW 88 Commision Mauser rifle. I used this with a Turkish 8mm Mauser and very minor fitting was needed. Returning to the firing line, I set up my Caldwell Lead Sled shooting rest and proceeded to send rounds downrange. It is a 1903 model with markings on the barrel stating "M1903 German 8mm. Vintage Mauser Sr . These rifles came to us from an Arms Storage Depot in an African country and we are really proud to have found them. The Mauser is based, was adopted by Germany in 1888. The sights are original and the bayonet attachment still works like it is new. Officially designated Reinigungsgerat 34 by Germany. This is a true 98 Mauser action, not a shortened action like the later Yugoslavian M48 Mausers so common today. The 8x57 is in the 30-06 power class. 270 wsm with Mauser action and 5 shot clip and Ultimate Accuracy . " Bolt serial number non-matching, the rest matching. He says he is willing to negotiate on the price, but I have no idea what the estimated resale value of a sporterized M-43 with a folk art stock might be. I believe it was sniper rifles. The rifles receiver is marked as follows, Top line to bottom: TC AS (then a five point star) FA ANK (then a quarter Moon) ARA K. Norma may make something similar for the Mauser 8mm (?)… The S&B is loaded to military spec and is right-on with the somewhat cheesy Mauser sights. Kale Model 1938/46 8mm Turkish Mauser. kale turkish 8mm mauser. The German Empire's adoption of the Mauser Model 1871 started a long tradition of fine German Mauser rifles. Receiver ring reads: "(Turkish upside down crescent crest) Waffenfabrik Mauser A. I was disappointed to find out over the weekend that I was getting 18" groups at 100 yards!! Get the best deals on Mauser Bayonet when you shop the largest online Czech CZ-23 K98 8mm mauser rifle bayonet w scabbard & leather frog cz23 WW2 WWII Turkish 250 Round Can - 8mm Mauser 198 Grain FMJ 1950s-60s Vintage Yugo Surplus Ammo Linked for Browning 1919 MG - Read Description SKU: PPU-8mmLink-250AC Available Stock: 37 8mm Mauser Spec. Kale Short rifle, also known as a 36/46 Turkish Mauser chambered in 8MM. For German Mauser 98K rifles and others. NDT (No Drill-Tap) Scope Mount for Mauser K98K, Yugo Mauser M48, VZ 24, Yugo 24/47, Swedish M96 and M38 etc. Turkish 1903 Mauser 8mm Mauser Parts Kit. C ASFA ANKARA K-KALE', Crescent Moon crest, 1940 arsenal date. Price Match (0) T R Imports X1051228LX Silver Eagle Over/Under 12 GA 28 Turkish $ 525. Chrome moly barrels are delivered in the white, and require application of the finish of your choice. 308 WIN NATO 22 5+1 S By adding this item to your WishList, you will be notified automatically via email when this item's price has dropped. Still have the owners manual. this is a non numbers matching rifle so it would be wise to have it checked by a competent gun smith to make sure it is safe to shoot. $19. to/2H7Lq6Y  Dec 4, 2015 - Mauser 1938 TURKISH 8MM C&R ELIGIBLE 8mm Mauser For Sale at GunAuction. 321 projectile to boot), or handload with either . 65mm Argentine–still in existence from that period. Buy. I've shot 1937, 1940,1942,1944, 1945,1954 ammo and it was all sure fire and accurate. Yugo ( Serbian ) M48 or M48A, 8MM Mauser Rifle, Bent Bolt With Yugo Receiver Crest. 24 8mm and a Czech made GEW model DOU42 G. Mar 18, 2012 · Item Name: Czech Mauser 98/22 8mm Location: Manchester Willing to Ship: Yes Item is for: Sale or Trade Sale Price: 200 Trade Value or Items Looking For: See post details Caliber: 8mm Mauser Item Description: Czechoslovakian Mauser model 98/22, cal 8mm Mauser. Also my only 8mm This is very good condition Turkish manufactured 8x57mm Mauser ammunition. WWII German infantry rifle in excellent condition. Mauser Actions; 1) Small Ring M-1893-1896 1. Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks has developed in the gun stock market for quite a long time, and the Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks Featherweight Thumbhole Turkish 8MM Mauser 1938 #1 Barrel Channel Left Hand Stock Right Hand Action is the evidence of their dedication for providing you with the best stocks that you can buy. Turkish Mauser Composite Bow, Military Weapons,   Browse all new and used Mauser Rifles - Military for sale and buy with confidence from Guns International. These Rifle Stocks from the industry experts at Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks are manufactured by using exceedingly robust components, in order to provide you with years of efficiency. It is hard to believe that a beatup piece of crap looking military rifle that has missmatched serial numbers could shoot this good. Barrel 29", overall 49". No rust or pitting, great rifling, very clean bolt. There is small differences compared to the German K98. I just replaced the original stock with an ATI Synthetic stock with built in scope mount and a 3-9 x 40mm Simmons scope (not high end, $49 from Wal-mart). 00 WW2 Breda 30 MG 8mm Feed tray 7. Has some minor issues on the wood as seen in the pictures. 686. Both excellent shooters. Featuring a lead-core bi-metal jacketed bullet and berdan primed non-corrosive brass, this makes a great round to shoot all day in your Mauser Rifle! Made by Techcrim. With its incredible design and manufacturing techniques, the Mauser M18 has the look and feel of rifles twice its price. Mauser 98 M98 Zastava Front Trigger Guard / Action Screw (SPART1919) $25 00. By th Enter your email address to receive special offers from Century Arms Legacy Collectibles offers a variety of collectible Mauser pistols. 98’s and their modifications. Original Turn In Condition Averaging the high end of Fair to NRA Surplus Good cosmetically. Kale 1944 marked on the receiver. com/ collections/man-can AMAZON Store: https://amzn. Should I consider a purchase? I was using turk 8mm and I had that rifle so The Mauser Gewehr 98 (formally as the "Infantry Rifle Model 1898") was a manually operated, magazine fed, bolt-action rifle and became one of the most successful military and sport firearms ever produced (numbering over 5,000,000 units). 92 x 57mm calibre Very interesting Ottoman Empire rifle used during the Great War. turkish 8mm mauser value

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